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»Labor and Employment Law Expertise

Liddle & Robinson advises and represents mostly executives both inside and outside of the securities industry, but also on occasion represents banks and corporations, on all types of New York employment law matters. Many cases involve the employment-at-will doctrine, fraud-in-hiring claims, prosecuting and defending compensation and discrimination claims.

Liddle & Robinson also frequently represents individuals in matters involving restrictive employment covenants, non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements and other employee loyalty questions. These cases usually involve allegations of theft of trade secrets or other sensitive and confidential business information.

The firm is widely known for its handling of New York employment law disputes in the securities industry, on behalf of both individuals and management clients. Liddle & Robinson has also tried and won many of the largest arbitration awards involving employment and compensation disputes with brokerage firms on behalf of traders, bankers, and financial consultants. Many of those cases are detailed on the Case Database section of this web site.

The firm has also litigated and won several of the largest arbitration awards ever on Form U-5 defamation claims and wrongful termination for individuals working in the securities industry. In 2001, the firmís founding partner, Jeffrey L. Liddle, won a $25 million punitive damages award for a client in a securities arbitration case involving the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. It was one of largest arbitral awards of punitive damages in securities industry arbitration history. After several appeals the punitive damages part of the case settled in December 2005 for $7.9 million. After counting compensatory damages and attorneyís fees, the defendant in that case paid over $10 million. The firmís New York discrimination lawyers also won a $29 million sex discrimination and retaliation jury verdict in Federal District Court in New York in 2005, which was the third largest jury verdict in New York for the entire year and one of the largest discrimination case victories ever.

Besides its litigation and arbitration successes, the firm has achieved through direct negotiation and mediation thousands of substantial settlements for its clients, which exceed in aggregate over $250 million since the firmís founding in 1979.

Liddle & Robinson frequently represents executives in connection with the negotiation of employment contracts and termination/severance arrangements. This area includes counseling individuals with respect to anticipated litigation arising out of their business and employment relationships.

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