Liddle & Robinson Attorneys at Law New York City

Liddle & Robinson, L.L.P. provides aggressive and personalized legal representation primarily to individuals, but also to financial services firms, hedge funds and other businesses in high-stakes, cutting-edge employment, securities and commercial litigation matters. When Liddle & Robinson was founded in 1979 few, if any, attorneys focused on New York employment laws in the financial services industry. In the 30 years since, the firm has earned a reputation as a pioneer in New York employment law. Liddle & Robinson has recovered more than $500 million in verdicts, awards and settlements for its clients, including some of the largest sums awarded in securities litigation and arbitration.

"Liddle & Robinson was the first firm to focus on representing financial services executives in negotiations and lawsuits against their employers," Jeffrey L. Liddle, founding and managing partner said. "Our experience and knowledge of the pertinent issues allows us to represent our clients competently and thoroughly. We have tried more cases than anyone in the field. And we have been very successful on our clients’ behalf."

"We have more than six times as many New York employment law attorneys as the next largest firm doing this type of work for employees," Liddle said. "Liddle & Robinson can represent its clients in any venue and manner appropriate, from negotiations to arbitration and litigation. We don’t believe any firm can match our proficiency in this area of law."