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Arlene Engelmann v. National Broadcasting Company - 2/22/1996

Award Amount- $0.00

Case Summary: Our client, Arlene Engelmann, sued NBC for sex discrimination, including sexual harassment. Ms. Engelmann joined NBC in 1976 as a clerk-typist, and was promoted repeatedly throughout her career to a number of managerial positions. The last job she held was as a director in its Operations and Technical Services Division, where she was responsible for on-air integration of commercials, i.e., making sure that they ran on time and in the proper region of the country. NBC asked the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to dismiss her claims. The federal court denied NBC's motion as to her claim that she had been sexually harassed by her supervisor, who had propositioned her on at least two occasions and physically attacked her once and may have had a role in her termination. The Court determined that NBC contributed to a climate that was unfriendly towards women, by holding an important business function at a golf club that excluded women. NBC tried to deflect this fact by claiming that Ms. Engelmann did not play golf. The Court concluded that this "defense is a bogey." The Court decided that Ms. Engelmann had alleged sufficient facts to have her sexual harassment claim heard by a jury. The parties settled the case on a confidential basis.

Judge: Michael B. Mukasey

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