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Baxter v. Captain Crow Management, Inc. - 4/8/1985

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Case Summary: In this novel case involving New York City's Rent Stabilization Law, our firm represented a cooperative corporation, its sponsor and a major shareholder, who owned a commercial building in New York City and who had invested large sums to renovate the building for use as a residential cooperative. The tenants asked the New York State Supreme Court to reform their commercial leases in order to encompass residential use, as well as a declaration that they were protected by the New York City Rent Stabilization Law, under which they argued they were entitled to remain in possession of the property under mandatory renewal leases. The Court concluded, after a lengthy and detailed analysis, that the tenants' claims were meritless. With a flourish, the Court stated [T]his is a classic case of tenants attempting to establish a legal basis for a more or less possessory interest in premises they do not own, while the owner tries to distinguish the housing accommodations from those for which the law mandates automatic renewal leases, the objective being handsome profit from cooperative conversion if he succeeds. Both sides are motivated by economic gain and characterized by opportunism; each side seeks to construe the law to its own advantage. In this instance, our clients, the property owners, prevailed.

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