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Darlene Livingston v. Shearson Lehman Brothers - 1/15/1996

Award Amount- $176,000.00

Case Summary: Darlene Livingston, a municipal bond liaison for Shearson Lehman Brothers, sued Shearson for sex discrimination, including on the grounds that the company permitted a sexually hostile environment to exist at work. This conduct exhibited itself through sexually oriented comments, insults, pranks, cartoons, pictures, devices and food items on the trading floor. After Ms. Livingston filed suit following her termination, Shearson served a subpoena on her current employer seeking records for any treatment she was undergoing for “substance abuse.” Ms. Livingston then filed an additional claim, alleging that Shearson had misused the subpoena process, because she was fired shortly after Shearson served the subpoena on her new employer. After a 25-day trial, a NASD arbitration panel awarded Ms. Livingston $130,000.00 on her hostile environment sexual harassment claim, $32,500.00 in attorneys’ fees, $10,000.00 on her claim that Shearson misused the subpoena process, and an additional $3,500.00 in legal fees based on Shearson’s misconduct in presenting its defense to her claims. The panel also assessed Shearson $24,800.00 in forum fees. A former L&R partner served as co-counsel in trying this case.

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