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Date: 7/29/2013
Reuters TV
Wall Street Employment Litigation in 2013

Date: 4/8/2013
The Wall Street Journal
Blind Spot Covered Ex-Trader's Trail

Date: 9/7/2012
Financial Times
Smith Barney brokers consider suit

Date: 9/17/2010
Investment News
Finra's U-5 directive could put firms in a tough spot: Hiked disclosure about broker termination could trigger defamation suits; regulatory overkill?

Date: 1/29/2009
New York Post

Date: 1/27/2009
New York Post

Date: 10/31/2008
Out on the Street

Date: 4/29/2008
New York Post

Date: 4/21/2008
Bear attempts to put departing reps on hiatus

Date: 3/14/2008
US News & World Report
Spitzer's Spotty Record as Wall St. Reformer

Date: 2/29/2008
Dow Jones Newswires
Some Ex-Wall St Employees Say They Got Shorted

Date: 2/29/2008
Dow Jones Newswires
Soem Ex-Wall St Employees Say They Got Shorted

Date: 1/7/2008
Financial News Online
Spector's $23m trumps Cayne

Date: 11/27/2007
Morgan Stanley, UBS No Longer Can Keep Secrets: Susan Antilla

Date: 11/26/2007
Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc.
Arbitration Item of the Week--Alt et al v. Robertson Stephens, Inc.

Date: 11/13/2007
The Wall Street Journal
For Robertson Stephens, $23 Million in Pay Is Owed

Date: 11/7/2007
Royal Bank of Canada Sues Ex-Trader Over Bond Claims, WSJ Says

Date: 10/26/2007
The Wall Street Journal
Bonds' Pricing Is Questioned in Email Trail

Date: 8/10/2007
Dow Jones Neswires
Arbitration Bill Would Affect Brokers

Date: 6/11/2007
New York Post
Specialists Say Buyout Was Bungled

Date: 6/9/2007
New York Post
Angry 'Banc' Shots

Date: 5/7/2007
New York Law Journal
Theft of a Trade Secret is Now a Federal Crime

Date: 4/20/2007
New York Post
Broker: NASD prejudged me/Arbitrator ruled before filing

Date: 2/24/2007
The Wall Street Journal
Hedge-Fund Traders' New Battle: the Boss--As Assets Soar, So Do Employment Lawsuits, Just Like Widget Firms

Date: 2/2/2007
The Wall Street Journal
Some Brokers Can't Flee Past

Date: 1/25/2007
West's Jury Verdicts
Defamatory Web Site Leads to $1M Verdict for Securities Broker

Date: 1/16/2007
The New York Law Journal
Court Permits Claim Against NYSE, Archipelago Over Merger

Date: 12/23/2006
Ex-WaMu worker awarded damages

Date: 11/14/2006
Ethical Corporation
Extracting the male from a malefaction

Date: 10/27/2006
Merrill Sees Sex Case as Soap Opera, Not Bias

Date: 9/28/2006
Charlotte Business Journal
Report: Biovail pushed for BofA analyst's dismissal

Date: 9/27/2006
New York Post
Biovail Execs Targeted Critical Analyst

Date: 8/25/2006
Wall Street Journal
EEOC Rebukes Deutsche Bank

Date: 6/1/2006
Salomon director claimed securities lawyer defamed him

Date: 5/12/2006
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Morgan Stanley

Date: 5/12/2006
Ex-Morgan Stanley Broker Sues Firm Claiming Sexual Harassment

Date: 3/22/2006
Judge faults NASD, Overturns Worldcom award

Date: 3/7/2006
The Wall Street Journal Online
Former Seat Holder Sues NYSE

Date: 3/6/2006
The Wall Street Journal Online Law Blog
Seatholder Says NYSE Should Pay For Keeping Her in the Dark

Date: 3/6/2006
Another Suit Targets NYSE

Date: 3/1/2006
Registered Rep.
Broker Fights for His Reputation--and Wins (Some of It Back)

Date: 3/1/2006
Broker Wins Defamation Suit Over Worldcom Case

Date: 2/28/2006
Ex-Salomon Smith Barney Wins $1 Mln Defamation Verdict

Date: 2/27/2006
The Wall Street Journal Online
Stockbroker Wins $1 Million Defamation Judgment Against Lawyer

Date: 2/27/2006
MSN Spaces Squawkblog
A Landmark Victory

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