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James D. Alban-Davies v. Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA), Inc. - 5/31/2002

Case Summary: James Alban-Davies was hired by Credit Lyonnais in August 1995 to build and head an emerging markets debt trading and sales group. Credit Lyonnais failed to pay Mr. Alban-Davies a bonus for 1999, yet each of his direct reports -- all of whom were younger than he was -- received bonus compensation. We filed claims of age discrimination on behalf of Mr. Alban-Davies under federal, state and city statutes in the District Court of the Southern District of New York. Shortly thereafter, Credit Lyonnais stripped Mr. Alban-Davies of his title and his reports as part of a "reorganization" of his department. We amended Mr. Alban-Davies's Complaint to add claims of retaliation, asserting that Credit Lyonnais had taken such adverse action against Mr. Alban-Davies because he had filed claims of age discrimination against the firm. Although Mr. Alban-Davies's age discrimination claims were dismissed on summary judgment, the retaliation claims based on Mr. Alban-Davies's demotion survived. Credit Lyonnais ultimately terminated Mr. Alban-Davies's employment, at which time we again amended his Complaint to include another retaliation claim. Credit Lyonnais again moved for summary judgment on all of the remaining claims, and again Mr. Alban-Davies's retaliation claims based on his demotion survived. When Credit Lyonnais filed a motion for reconsideration of the Court's decision, such motion was denied. Mr. Alban-Davies's claim settled shortly before trial.

Jeffrey L. Liddle

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Judge: Denise Cote

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