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Michael K. Magness v. Human Resource Services - 5/15/1990

Award Amount- $98,750.00

Case Summary: Our client, Michael Magness, sued his former employer, Human Resources Services, Inc., for breach of contract. Mr. Magness and his employer settled his case for $79,000, but the company subsequently failed to abide by the terms of the settlement agreement. Mr. Magness thus sued his employer for breach of the settlement agreement and for attorneys' fees and liquidated damages under the New York Labor Law. The Court held that Mr. Magness was entitled attorneys' fees and liquidated damages of $19,750, in addition to the $79,000, because the company had willfully breached the settlement agreement. The decision is significant because the Court held that where an employer breaches a settlement agreement based on a wage claim, then the New York Labor Law could be applied to providing an employee a means to recover attorneys' fees and liquidated damages under the statute.

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