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Paolo Vico v. Catequil Asset Management, L.P. - 11/21/2006

Award Amount- $562,152.00

Case Summary: An arbitrator of the American Arbitration Association awarded Paolo Vico, an energy trader and analyst with Catequil Asset Management, L.P., $562,152 in compensatory damages and interest on his claim of breach of an agreement for the payment of incentive compensation. Catequil employed Mr. Vico from July 18, 2002 until January 7, 2004 under an arrangement that provided for the payment of incentive compensation over an above his salary. Despite having worked the entire year of 2003 and performing in a manner entitling him to the payment of a bonus, Catequil failed to pay Mr. Vico any incentive compensation for his services in 2003. Mr. Vico was compelled to file an arbitration claim against Catequil in order to recover his incentive compensation. On November 21, 2006, the arbitrator ruled in Mr. Vico's favor. Mr. Vico was represented by Liddle & Robinson, L.L.P.

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