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Robert D. Africk v. Blaylock & Partners, L.P. - 3/24/2005

Award Amount- $404,616.00

Case Summary: Our client, Robert D. Africk, served as the head of Blaylock & Partners, L.P.'s Investment Banking Group from January 2001 until February 2002. Mr. Africk entered into an employment contract with Blaylock & Partners, L.P. upon his hire that governed his fiscal year 2002 compensation. Blaylock & Partners, L.P. ultimately failed to pay Mr. Africk the compensation to which he was he entitled under that contract, and Mr. Africk was compelled to file an arbitration demand against the firm. On March 24, 2005, after an eight-day hearing, a NASD panel issued an award ordering Blaylock & Partners, L.P. to pay $404,616, including $318,116 in contractual damages, $75,000 in attorneys' fees, and all NASD forum fees. Notably, upon our application, the panel also issued a discovery sanction award against Blaylock & Partners, L.P., in the amount of $2,000, as a result of the firm's late production of emails during the course of pre-hearing discovery.

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