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Zachary Logan v. The Salvation Army - 11/22/2005

Case Summary: In a November 22, 2005 Opinion and Order of Judge Richard F. Braun of the New York State Supreme Court, the Court denied The Salvation Army's motion to dismiss as to five of six discrimination and retaliation claims of our client, Zachary Logan. Mr. Logan, who counseled victims of the World Trade Center attack, was employed by The Salvation Army as a senior caseworker. His employment was terminated on January 11, 2002. He asserted claims of discrimination in connection with hostile treatment toward him due to his sexual orientation and religion. The Salvation Army sought to dismiss the claims on the grounds that as a religious organization it was exempt from liability for violations of anti-discrimination statutes. In a strongly worded rejection of The Salvation Army's position, the Court stated the "limited exemptions for religious organizations are a far cry from letting them harass their employees and treat the employees in an odiously discriminatory manner during employment . . . ." The Court concluded that Mr. Logan had set forth valid claims and the matter should proceed.

Judge: Richard F. Braun

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