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Zubulake v. UBS Warburg - 7/20/2004

Case Summary: This sex discrimination and retaliation case has generated substantial attention in the general and legal press, particularly because of the groundbreaking rulings the United States District Court in New York has made regarding the discovery of e-mail evidence and the obligations companies have to preserve, in connection with lawsuits, electronically stored documents. The Federal Court has in fact issued five separate, highly significant decisions with respect to this case. The following are links to each of the five decisions:

Zubulake I
Zubulake II
Zubulake III
Zubulake IV
Zubulake V

The following are links to articles that have appeared in the New York Law Journal regarding this case:

  • UBS Warburg Sanctioned for Destroying E-Mails in Discrimination Suit (July 21, 2004)
    Read it here
  • Bank Negligent for Allowing Destruction of E-mail Evidence (October 24, 2003)
    Read it here
  • Electronic Discovery: N.Y. Judge Juggles Cost Criteria (July 24, 2003)
    Read it here
  • New Standards for Cost Shifting Proposed in Electronic Discovery (May 14, 2003)
    Read it here

Judge: Shira A. Scheindlin

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